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   How to hire the centre

We have four lovely rooms available to rent by therapists which are suitable as treatment / practice/consultation rooms for any of the complementary therapies. All off the rooms have a subtle energy to them.


The three smaller rooms available are furnished  in a contemporary style and two have a portable couch, comfy Poäng chair, a couple of directors chairs and low table. The smallest room has tub chairs and a low table more suited for conselling. You will need to bring towels and couch roll if you use the couch. Pillows are available. The floor is carpeted.


The main room is usually used for pilates/yoga/baby massage classes/meditation/reiki share and for workshops.


All of the rooms are bright and airy all having a big windows to let in natural light. You can choose to use lamps and candles if you prefer more subtle lighting and you can generally make the room your own when you use it.


There is a kitchen area and the facility for making hot drinks freely available for you and your clients.


The three smaller rooms are available to rent on an Ad hoc basis – £10 per hour. This gives you flexibility if you are unable to commit to a set time each week. You need to book the room in advance by logging into the calendar used by all our therapists (details of which are available from the owner, Melanie Payne) and you are not guaranteed necessarily to get a room (depending on availability) or the same room each time.


The main room is available to rent at the rate of £20 per session (1.25 hours) POA for longer hours/workshops.


This is our largest space which can hold 25 people seated. If you are using couches or plan to do movement activities then for comfort sake, we advise less people than this. We always encourage you to come and see the space for yourself to see what you think will work best for you. The floor space is carpeted and is left empty ready for use.


Parking is free of charge, although limited during busy periods. Under no circumstances must you park in spaces other than those desinated to BODY MIND SPIRIT.



Body Mind Spirit Centre Jonson Trading Park, Alington Avenue Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 1QB

© 2014  Melanie Payne Body Mind Spirit Centre

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